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Tobias Müller

Research Interests

Guided by Torsten Grust, my research topic is Data Provenance for SQL. I'm developing concepts and prototypes for tracing pieces of data back to their origin. In particular, I'm working on the analysis of SQL queries occuring in the context of relational databases. My current approach is based on Program Analysis techniques such as Program Slicing and Control-Flow Analysis. Please see my latest publications for the details. You may also have a look at our project page.

Teaching Assistance

Funding / Interdisciplinary Cooperation

From 2013 to 2016 I was a member of the Wissenschaftscampus Tübingen; specifically, of the cluster called Peer Productivity in Web 2.0 Environments. Our cluster consisted of a mix of researchers from the fields of Computer Science, Psychology and Economics. For the remainder of my PhD study time I'm funded by 1/2 of a Landesstelle and by other sources.

Academic Degrees

Short Biography

  • since Apr 2013: Research Assistant at the Database Systems Chair
  • Oct 2006 - Mar 2013: Student of Computer Science @ University of Tübingen
  • Oct 2003 - Sep 2006: Student of Physics @ University of Tübingen

Recent Publications